Greetings and welcome to the Society of Spiritual Physics (SSP) Home page.

My name is Dr. Theodore St. John, founder of The SSP. The purpose of this organization is to create a network for people who are interested in physics, spirituality and the relationship between the two. Spiritual Physics is not about religion and it is not a profession, but a vocation that focuses on the science behind our existential nature – to include our mind, consciousness or spirit – something that has been sidelined or ignored by the materialist perspective. Physics is supposed to be a study of the underlying essence of reality, but to some, it is synonymous with physical science. Physics is based on measurement and measurements of any particular process allow us to focus our attention on physical particles that change in time; a material philosophy in which space and time are considered to be fundamentally different. Spiritual physics is based on the process philosophy. A process is both a noun (“a natural outgrowth, projection, or appendage”) and a verb (“to convert into another form”). The word should bring to mind something (a physical aspect) that changes continuously (temporal aspect).

If the essence of reality is in fact a process (verb), that manifests as a process (noun), then a debate about which is right and which is wrong is academic; they are both right. Reality is both physical and nonphysical.  The true essence of reality is a matter of perspective. A process perspective is one that recognizes that physical reality is like a fist. It has form because someone is “fisting.” Likewise, the physical form of a physical being is the result of be-ing.

Spirituality is a word that was commandeered by religion but it is something that we all experience and it deserves to be understood in scientific terms. I could have called this the society of process physics or relational physics, but one of my primary goals is to create a keystone for the bridge between science and religion. People have been working on this bridge for many years, but there is still a gap. I believe that gap is the same as the gap between physics and philosophy. To paraphrase Einstein, Physics without philosophy is warped; philosophy without physics is blind.

The SSP therefore endorses Relational Physics  and Process Philosophy.

The basis for my devotion to this is my own spiritual or transpersonal experience in 1992 that eventually led to my paper: ”The Unity of Space and Time” – a theory that treats spacetime as a process, a unified essence that we perceive as motion, which we conceptually separate into two complementary aspects, i.e. space divided by (or differentiated by) time. An experience of timelessness, which is a spiritual experience itself, is a deep awareness of the unity – a profound feeling of knowing that time is merely a concept and that we are part of this eternal (timeless) living process. When it happened to me, I realized that we physicists (I had my bachelor’s in physics at the time) are missing something vital in our understanding of reality. In response to that experience, I wrote a manuscript “Journey Back to Unity” but rather than publishing it, I went to graduate school and achieved a master’s degree in physics. I discovered that Quantum Physics provides important concepts that many people believe will help us to better understand our spiritual nature (see Amit Goswami’s books – The Self-Aware Universe; how consciousness creates the material world, and The Quantum Activist – also a Youtube video (The Quantum Activist) for more information). However, physicist David Bohm laid out the philosophy of oneness and process in his monumental book, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”, and Fritjof Capra’s “The Tao of Physics” provided the guiding principle for me to proceed. The Tao is the Unity and The Unity of Space and Time is my way of describing it.

One goal of the SSP is to create the basis for an educational program leading to a degree called Spiritual Physics or perhaps Mind-body Medical Physics (MBMP). There are many mainstream physicists who practice meditation (mostly in private), who would contribute to a better understanding of our spiritual nature, but a career in physics encourages a focus on the mainstream physical model (“the standard model”). There are also people who call themselves Spiritual Physicists without having any education in physics and they use the terminology of mainstream physics in such a way that demonstrates a lack of understanding, which creates (or fortifies) a disdain by mainstream physicists. The title of Spiritual Physicist/MBMP needs to be an earned title, reserved for those who have the honesty, intelligence, and willingness to study the broad scope of information that must be understood in order to grasp this astronomically important concept. This may include religion, philosophy, and mythology, as well as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and even engineering for the practical emphasis.  A spiritual experience can happen spontaneously, and anyone can have an intuitive grasp of what it means to them, but understanding it in terms of science takes a concerted effort. Spiritual concepts are acceptable to some mental health professionals, in terms of Mind-Body Medicine, but I submit that it can be understood in terms of physics – like Process Physics, Relational Physics, or Spiritual Physics.   

Anyone is welcome to become a member of SSP at no cost, to help build the foundation and curricula stated in the Mission statement, and then to help support  those who succeed in obtaining the degree to provide guidance to the rest of humanity as they reach that level of awareness. I consider it an extremely important vocation to help humanity survive the current crises that we now face as a result of the illusion of separateness.

The society and this website are relatively new and still require a tremendous amount of work. There will be no hierarchy and no bylaws. Instead, we will follow the guidance set forth by the mythology of life, as it is beautifully portrayed in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The stone that traps the sword “Excalibur” is the irresistible tendency to focus on physical reality in a hopeless search for meaning. Merlin the Mathematician has provided us with the symbolic tools to understand reality, but the same tool has lock us in the clutches of duality that’s stamped with an “equals” sign. One can pull the sword from the stone by realizing (making real in one’s mind) that there is no stone. Those who cannot let go of the physical models of reality will hopelessly tug on the sword, but to no avail. They will not be able to fathom the notion that the physical aspect of reality is merely an affect (noun: defined as “observable manifestations of a subjectively experienced emotion”) of a process (being/becoming), just as the fist that you make with your hand is the affect of fisting. Holding onto the perspective of duality is a spell that we are under and the Unity Principle allows one to break it. Finding a way to let go and experience the Timeless Epiphany is the quest for the Holy Grail and when you find it you realize that love isn’t something that we have, it’s something that we do*.

Please read what we have posted, and contact me if you have experience, resources and/or interest in building this organization. You may use the “Register” link on the right side, and at least enter your full name, username and email (so I can distinguish you from SPAM) or email me directly to join. If there is no name, the registration will be deleted. Otherwise, I will reply to you and let you know I received it and added you to the roster. If you have ideas or general comments, please email me at stjohntheodore@gmail.com.

** Please write any comments or correspondence in English. **

Thank you,

Dr. St. John

* “Love isn’t something that we have, it’s something that we do” – Clint Black, country music singer

Updated 9/1/2014

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  1. Susan Martin Post author

    Dear Dr St John,
    I was very pleased to find your website. I am one of the people you describe in your intro page – I have had non-physical/spiritual awakenings that fall more in line with physics and science and that feel different (more rational) than what I’ve been taught about religion. My experiences are also very far from the New Age image that seems to have monopolised the subject of spirituality (and which I feel might be the image scientists are so keen to avoid). As it’s so isolating, being aware in this way, I’m really grateful when I find evidence of others like me so thank you. I am unable to talk about it in the ‘regular’ world.

    I love to read about physics and especially quantum physics, but I’m not a scientist and don’t have any mathematical knowledge at all, so I don’t think I am or ever could be a spiritual physicist. I do, however, believe there is a need for such a branch of science and what you’re doing is admirable (and brave considering the opposition you’ll get from the atheist materialists who defend their religion like wild animals protecting their young!).

    I’m a writer, a journalist and, while I don’t have a lot of time, if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. I think your society is part of a shift in human experience and, while just a seed at the moment, it is definitely the future.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Martin

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